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Our Certificates are Suitiable for Framing!


About LearnFirm.com
  • Ability to create and distribute customized learning content.
  • Ability to create quality online training from any reference, text or subject matter expert’s live presentation.
  • Instructors and technicians available to answer questions or solve problems, 7 days a week!
  • Instant updates of all training materials.
  • Downloadable syllabuses and workbooks that recap all materials and provide students with a permanent reference.
  • Customizable testing features allowing exams with a pass or no pass criteria.
  • Downloadable online Certificates of Completion upon passing the final exam.
  • Training modules that are designed in Adobe Flash so that students are engaged, entertained and educated.
  • Courses that are SCORM and 508-disability compliant.
  • Strict adherence to instructional design methodologies to ensure maximum learning is achieved.
  • Ability to contact registered students or groups of students instantaneously.
  • Ability to customize and configure mini-universities for clients purchasing a group membership that incorporates corporate logos and messages to employees.
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) that allows training administrators the ability to monitor hundreds of employees and generate reports regarding registration dates, course completion and final exam scores.
  • Ability to provide monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual reports on student progress.

Give us a call to find our more! 


All of our courses are created in Adobe Captivate 7! 

Making them creative, content rich and engaging.


Tailor one of our courses to fit your corporate culture.  Let us worry about the distribution and management of your online course.

As always, satisfaction guaranteed!