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Quality Function Deployment

Course Cost: $279.00
Course Hours: 6
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Course Description

CEU's - .6

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a proven methodology for taking the needs of the customer and turning them into product or service specifications.  Participants will gain a sound understanding of QFD and have ongoing access to personalized assistance in implementing this proven product development technique.  Participants learn to identify the four phases of QFD and apply them to successfully design products and services, plan process control strategies, and create control tactics that support a robust process. provides a full-time QFD facilitator for online coaching or one-on-one phone conversations.  A downloadable student workbook is available for a reference long after the online course has been completed.   The workbook recaps the highlights of the course and supplies participants with templates for use on their next QFD project.  The workbook also includes examples of how to use the QFD methodology in other applications, such as strategic planning.  Also, included in this course is an Excel QFD template that students can use for their first QFD project.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the components to QFD
  • Identify historic dates in QFD
  • Summarize the benefits of QFD
  • Identify the difference between a true customer need and a technical solution
  • Define product specifications
  • Calculate a QFD matrix
  • Understand the critical focus within each of the four phases of a QFD process
  • Identify every room in each matrix of a four phase QFD process
  • Calculate risk factors in the planning and controlling phases
  • Evaluate a Phase I matrix - the "House of Quality"

Course Content

  • QFD Defined
  • Phases of QFD
  • QFD Principles and Timelines
  • How QFD Affects an Organization
  • The QFD Team
  • Increasing Time-to-Market
  • Turning Customer Needs into Requirements
  • Simple Matrix Exercises
  • Values into Symbols
  • The "House of Quality"
  • Steps to Building the "House of Quality"
  • Evaluating the "House of Quality"
  • Phase II - Product Design
  • Phase III - Process Design
  • Phase IV - Process Control
  • Exam

Upon successful completion of the course and exam, students can download a Certificate of Completion.


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