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Course Cost: $25.00
Course Hours: 1
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Course Description

Course Description

This course teaches students how to use the quality tool - brainstorming.  It includes a 47-page student workbook that covers brainstorming and many other quality problem solving tools.  It also includes two modules on mind mapping and how to create a mind map.

After successfully passing the exam, students receive a certificate of completion that can be used to obtain CEU credits and RU credits as awarded by the American Society for Quality.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the reasons for brainstorming
  • Understand when to use brainstorming
  • Identify three distinct types of brainstorming
  • Know the steps involved in the three different types of brainstorming
  • Understand the guidelines for conducting a brainstorming session
  • The definition of Mind Mapping
  • Why Mind Mapping is so popular
  • How Mind Maps are similar to the way we think
  • Key concepts in Mind Mapping
  • Right and left brain characteristics
  • How to Mind Map
  • Applications for Mind Mapping


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